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Sister, Sister (1987)

Directed by
Bill Condon

Written by
Ginny Cerrella
Joel Cohen
Bill Condon

Runtime 91 mins

Somewhere in Louisiana, Charlotte Bonnard and her sister Lucy live a quiet life running a guest house in their old family mansion. But this Summer one of their visitors will disturb the peace and wake ghosts of the past.

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Matt Rutledge
Lucy Bonnard
Charlotte Bonnard
Cleve Doucet
Mrs. Bettlehelm
Etienne LeViolette
Fran Steuben
Lenny Steuben
Jud Nevins
Mr. Bonnard
Mrs. Bonnard
Young Lucy
Young Matt
Young Etienne

Eric Stoltz
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Judith Ivey
Dennis Lipscomb
Anne Pitoniak
Benjamin Mouton
Natalia Nogulich
Richard Minchenberg
Bobby Pickett
Jason Saucier
Jerry Leggio
Fay Cohn
Ashley McMurry
Ben Cook
Casey Levron

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Locations Thebodaux, Louisiana\ Montgomery, Alabama