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One Kill (2000) (TV)

Directed by
Christopher Menaul

Written by
Shelley Evans

Runtime 95 min

A divorced female marine officer with two small children begins an affair with a senior officer in this fact-based drama.

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Anne Heche
Sam Shepard
Eric Stoltz
Kate McNeil
Bill MacDonald
Sean Bell
Carl Marotte
Max Morrow
Charlotte Arnold
Joel S. Keller
Philip Akin
Awaovieyi Agie
Nicolas Van Burek
Christian Potenza
Steve Boyles

Capt. Mary Jane O'Malley
Maj. Nelson Gray
Capt. Walker Randall
Maj. Leslie Nesbitt
Col. Sam Doran
Lt. Tim Macy
Hap O'Malley
Harry O'Malley
Callie O'Malley
O'Connell (as Joel Keller)
Gunnery Sgt. Finch
Henderson (as Nicholas VanBurek)

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