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Memphis Belle (1990) Trailer1, Trailer2
Directed by
Michael Caton-Jones

Written by
Monte Merrick

Runtime 107 min

1943: The crew of the B-17 bomber ‘Memphis Belle’ is on its final fateful mission. The order is to bomb a factory near Bremen, but the odds seem to be against them.

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Matthew Modine
Eric Stoltz
Tate Donovan
D.B. Sweeney
Billy Zane
Sean Astin
Harry Connick Jr.
Reed Diamond
Courtney Gains
Neil Giuntoli
David Strathairn
John Lithgow
Jane Horrocks
Mac McDonald
Jodie Wilson

Capt. Dennis Dearborn
Sgt. Danny Daly
1st Lt. Luke Sinclair
Lt. Phil Lowenthal
Lt. Val Kozlowski
Sgt. Richard Moore
Sgt. Clay Busby
Sgt. Virgil Hoogesteger
Sgt. Eugene McVey
Sgt. Jack Bocci
Col. Craig Harriman
Lt.Col. Bruce Derringer

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