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Believing the internet to be a chaotic web with the wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge, I do not want to and do not have the urge to repeat columns of information. So I give you the chance to explore other sites on your own.

And please contact me, if a link does not work anymore or you want me to add one.




TV guide for some German, Austrian and some French stations. Photos, background info and regularly updated. Nice one.

IMDb - Movie Database
Up to date facts about the work of Eric Stoltz
Long biography, facts and an interesting ‘Milesstones’ list. A lot of guess work, I guess.

L.A. Theatre Works
Onstage recordings of plays, source for information about some of the audio books

pictures of appearences at public events Eric Stoltz photos
editorial photos of Eric Stoltz, pretty much up-to-date Eric Stoltz gallerie
about 50 movie stills from different projects

Behind the scenes ‘Out Of Order’ pictures
Try this! Home site of Dylan Christopher, who had a role in that TV production

Hopefully, this information helped you a little. Feel free to contact me, if anything does not work or you think should be added or removed.