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Got this as a promotion email a few days ago:

Aus/US spoof horror to shoot in LA
by David Hull
Melbourne-based writer/producer Clint Morris’ satirical horror project Howl looks set to go into production in Hollywood in 2007.

Howl tells the story of a young detective, assigned to track down a murderer, whose work hours seriously hindered by the fact that he’s a lycanthrope. Confirmed cast includes Eric Stoltz (Pulp Fiction), Kam Heskin (Planet of the Apes) and Stephen Tobolowsky (Basic Instinct). The film’s lead cast and director are yet to be confirmed.

Morris recently spent several month’s in the US scouting locations and setting up a new production company – Shorris Film – with actors Christopher Showerman (The OC) and Chris Durand (Halloween H20) and actress Zelda Rubenstein (Poltergeist). This venture will facilitate the Los Angeles production of Howl as well as several other projects.

“It’s all coming together nicely,” Morris said. “We’ve got a support cast locked in and cameos from past werewolf movies. Everyone is jumping to be on board, which is great.” [subscription required]