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Being an actor and working in this wonderful crazy, man eating business, Eric Stoltz is established. But being himself, he is crossing the line between the Moloch Hollywood and the independent movie scene, which he seems to like more. He is known as regular guest at the Sundance Festival (e.g. ‘The Waterdance’ Sundance Festival Winner 1992).

Once he stated in an interview that the reasons for choosing his projects vary. Sometimes he gets caught by the script, sometimes he likes the director and sometimes he just does it without even knowing what will come out of it. As much as the reasons differ, the projects do the same. He is an actor (theatre and movie), lends his voice to animated heroes (Theseus in ‘Hercules’) and has begun a second career behind the camera.

Dropping out of his Junior year at college (USC), he managed to get some minor parts in TV productions and became a repertory company player at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. Returning to LA, he got a role in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ (1982), which turned out to be his first notable appearance. Only 3 years later in 1985 he got the part of Roy L. 'Rocky' Dennis in ‘Mask’, for which he was honored with a Golden Globe nomination.

In 1988 he won his first spurs as a crew member, being a production assistant in ‘Illegally Yours’. Taking the next step, he became a producer (‘Bodies, Rest & Motion’ in 1993), an executive producer (‘Mr. Jealousy’ in 1997) and finally a director (‘Once And Again’ in 1999 and ‘My Horrible Year’ in 2001).

And some kind of in between he spends time on non profit social or political projects like the theater-based Lysistrata Project (March 2003).

Working hard and being active, travelling forth and back between LA, New York and his home in New Mexico, he once stated that he considered himself lazy.

Recent projects

director 'Madam Secretary' "Off the Record” #4.02 (2017) new
'Madam Secretary' "News Cycle" #4.01 (2017) Will Adams new
director “Class Rank” (2016/17) new
'Madam Secretary' "Tectonic Shift" #3.07 (2016) Will Adams
director "Madam Secretary" (2016) 'The Race' #3.10
executive producer "Madam Secretary" (2016/2017) #3.01, #3.02, #3.03, #3.04, #3.05, #3.06, #3.07, #3.08, #3.09, #3.10, #3.11, #3.12
director “Madam Secretary” (2016) ‘Vartius’ #2.22
'Madam Secretary' "Invasive Species" #2.13 (2016) Will Adams (uncredited)
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2016) 'Right of the Boom' #2.15
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2016) 'Left of the Boom' #2.14
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2016) 'Invasive Species' #2.13
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2016) 'The Middle Way' #2.12
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2016) 'Unity Node'  #2.11
director “Madam Secretary” (2015) ‘The Greater Good’ #2.10
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2015) ‘The Greater Good’ #2.10
'Madam Secretary' "Catch and Release" #2.06 (2015), actor “Will Adams”
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2015) ‘There But for the Grace of God’ #1.22
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2015) ‘The Kill List’ #1.21
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2015) ‘The Necessary Art’ #1.20
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2015) ‘Spartan Figures’ #1.19
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2015) The Time is at Hand’ #1.18
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2015) ‘Face the Nation’ #1.17
co-executive producer “Madam Secretary” (2015) ‘The Ninth Circle’ #1.15
Madam Secretary 'There But for the Grace of God' ep 1x22 (2015), director
Madam Secretary “Whisper of the Ax” ep 1x14 (2015), director
Madam Secretary “Chains of Command” ep 1x13 (2015), co-executive producer
Madam Secretary “Standoff” ep 1x12 (2015), co-executive producer
Madam Secretary “Game On” ep 1x11 (2015), co-executive producer
Madam Secretery€¯ “Collateral Damage” season 1 ep 10 (2014), director
How To Get Away With Murder "He Deserved to Die" season 1 ep 07 (2014), director
“Pussywhipped” by the band Steel Panther
Madam Secretery “Just Another Normal Day” season 1 ep 04 (2014), director
Believe "Perception" season 1 ep 13 (2013?, aired in New Zealand only), director
Cindy's New Boyfriend - TV Hostage / 911 Operator (2014), actor
5 to 7 - Galassi (2014), actor
The Black Box  "Jerusalem" season 1 ep 5 (2014), director
Blue "Call me Francine" season 3 ep 1 (2014), actor
Blue "Planets Colliding" season 3 ep 2 (2014), actor
Blue "A History of Anxiety" season 3 ep 3 (2014), actor
Blue "Make Me Feel Good" season 3 ep 4 (2014), actor
Glee "Opening Night" season 5 ep 17 (2014), director
The Partnership at Mind Your Meds PSA - Reflection Grandpa (2013), director and narrator
The Partnership at Mind Your Meds PSA - Reflection Mom (2013), director and narrator
White Collar "Ice Breaker" ep 5 ep 06 (2013), director
Nashville "Hanky Panky Woman" 2 ep 08 (2013), director
Maron "Projections" season 1 ep 09 (2013), guest star
Nashville "Take These Chains from My Heart" season 1 ep 18 (2013), director
Glee "Guilty Pleasures" season 4 ep 17 (2013), director
Nashville  "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" season 1 ep 13 (2013), director
Made in Jersey “The Farm” season 1 ep 07 (2012/13), guest star
Glee "Makeover" season 4 ep 03 (2012), director
Made in Jersey "Ridgewell" season 1 ep 05 (2012), director
Glee “Nationals” season 3 ep 21 (2012), director
Glee “Prom-asaurus” season 3 ep 19 (2012), director
Glee “Big Brother” season 3 ep 15 (2012), director
Californication “Love Song” season 5 ep 6 (2011/12), director
Glee “Yes/No” season 3 ep 10 (2011/12), director
Rumour Has It / Someone Like You (2011) music video, director
Glee “Mash Off” season 3 ep 6 (2011), director
Glee “The Purple Piano Project” season 3 ep 1 (2011), director
Wilfred “Isolation” season 1 ep. 10 (2011), guest star
Leverage "The Long Way Down Job" season 4 ep. 1 (2011), guest star
Glee “Prom Queen” season 2 ep. 20 (2011), director
Glee “Blame it on the Alcohol” season 2 ep. 14 (2011), director
Off the Map ‘On the Mean Streets of San Miguel’ season 1 ep. 4 (2011), director
Private Practice "If You Don't Know Me By Now" season 4 ep. 11 (2010), director
Glee “Duets” season 2 ep. 4 (2010), director
Huge “Talent Night” season 1 ep. 4 (2010), director
Private Practice “War” season 3 ep. 21 (March 2010), director
Caprica “Unvanquished” season 1 ep. 10 (2009/10), director
Caprica, season 1 (2009/2010), Daniel Graystone
Private Practice “Do The Right Thing” season 2 ep. 20 (2009), director
Nip/Tuck “Lola Wlodkowski” season 6 (2009), director
Grey’s Anatomy “Wish You Were Here”, “Sympathy for the Devil” & “Stairway to Heaven”   #5.11 to 13 (2008/09), William Dunn
Grey’s Anatomy “These Ties That Bind” season 5 ep. 8 (2008), director
Fort McCoy (Aug. 2008), actor
Grey’s Anatomy “Brave New World” season 5 ep. 4 (2008), director
Blank Slate (2008), actor
Caprica (2008), actor
Sparks (2009), actor
Quarterlife “Home Sweet Home” season 1 ep. 6 (2007), director
Boston Legal ep #76 "Oral Contracts" season 4 (2007), director
Boston Legal ep #74 "The Object of My Affection" season 4 (2007), director
Quarterlife “Anxiety” season 1 ep. 3 (Summer 2007), director
Close to Home “Drink A Cup”, "Fall From Grace", "Eminent Domain" (2007), actor
Medium ep ‘We Had A Dream’ (Jan. or Feb. 2007?) actor
Boston Legal ep #313 “Dumping Bella” (November 2006, USA) director
The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial Tour (staged reading, Oct.&Nov. 2006, actor)
The Grand Design (movie, 2006, actor, with Frances Conroy, co-directed by Neel Keller)
The Lather Effect (indie movie, 2005) actor
McReele (staged reading, Nov. 9-13, 2005, LATW, Skirball Cultural Center, LA, USA) actor
The Triangle (TV mini series, June - August 2005, will be aired December 2005 on SciFi) actor
Downstream (short movie[?], no further details so far) actor
PBS’ Character Studies (beginning April 3, 2005) host
Law & Order ‘Tombstone’ Season 16 E5323 (Winter 2004) director
Will & Grace 7.23 two-part Season finale (Spring 2005) actor
The Honeymooners (September 2004, Dublin, Ireland) actor
McEnroe Show (07/26/2004) guest
As Dreams Are Made On (08/28/2004, Wiliamstown Theatre Festival 50th Jubilee) actor
Happy Birthday Oscar Wilde (2004, Ireland) TV feature
The Lehr Curse (8/16 + 10/4/2004, NYC, USA)
Broadway Barks 6 (photos on presenter
Stars in the Alley 2004 (outdoor theatre event, June 2004, NYC, USA)
Sly Fox (pre-Broadway shows, February 2004 -- on Broadway from March until August 2004)
The Bulls (short film, 2004, LA, CA, USA) director & executive producer, composer
Childstar (feature, Autumn 2003, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) actor
Hello (short film, Dec. 2003, Seattle, USA) actor, article and picture here
When Zachary Beaver Came To Town (premiere Oct. 10th, 2003 in Austin, Texas, USA) actor
The Rose Tattoo (staged reading Sept. 17, 2003 in New York)
Out of Order TV (June 2003) actor
Brief Moments (Music Video) (Spring/Summer 2003) actor, screen caps
Takes You Home to Ireland (bonus DVD for Bernadette Moley’s “All I Want” album) director