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Fluke (1995) Trailer1, Trailer2
Unleash your imagination... and come along on a magical journey. Follow him home.

Directed by
Carlo Carlei

Paul Maslansky
Lata Ryan

Written by
Carlo Carlei
James Carrington

Runtime 96 min

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A man realizes the importance of his life and family after he dies and is reunited with them as a dog only to find that another man, his best friend, has taken his place in their lives. (By Ysabella)

Cover 'Fluke'

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Samuel L. Jackson
Matthew Modine
Nancy Travis
Eric Stoltz
Max Pomeranc
Ron Perlman
Jon Polito
Bill Cobbs
Collin Wilcox Paxton
Federico Pacifici
Clarinda Ross
Adrian Roberts
Bart Hansard
Deborah Hobart
Libby Whittemore

Rumbo (voice)
Thomas Johnson/Voice of Fluke
Carol Johnson
Jeff Newman
Brian Johnson
Prof. Santini
Tom's secretary
Night guard
Day guard
Dogpound vet

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Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Based on the novel of James Herbert