birthday cards 2004


Happy Birthday, Eric!

Wishing you health, peace of mind, purpose, joy, good friends all around you, and another role on network TV so we can all see you on our TVs again.

God bless!
G/D Fan


Greetings and Salutations, 

"Be brave! Have courage! Don't fear! Do what you think you ought to do, even if it's nontraditional. Be open. Be ready to change." - Madeleine L'Engle 

I wish you continued success in your new (birth) year. The quote's from my fave author who never ceases to inspire me - I hope she does the same for you.


3rd Planet from the Sun, Cyberspace

Now it is my turn and pleasure:

My wishes for you: A smile in your heart,
a light in the dark, a road to follow and someone to laugh with.



Wishing you a great birthday and all the luck for your
upcoming and future projects.

 Jules, England




Wishing you a truly happy birthday - may your life be full of wonderful friends, exciting work offers [which hopefully finally bring you to Melbourne!], great books and sweet memories.  You are one lovely man, Eric. 



Happy Birthday Eric!

I really enjoyed seeing you in Sly Fox in Boston but I still wish you had taken your blue toque off for my picture!

Have a great day!

0X0X Chris

Best wishes from someone who shares your birthday!

  - from the girl in the front row (Sly Fox, NYC)



Eric - you're missed. There aren't words for the beauty you've scattered about. Your word is lovely, and always will be.
Do I need a quote? "Send it off in a letter to yourself" S.D

*smooch* Jin

Happy Birthday Eric Stoltz!
I enjoy your work very very much.
God Bless You!!

Have a great Birthday!!

Hannah Wilson, Dubai, UAE


In honor of your birthday, I'd like to offer a play on words from one of your famous lines as Keith from "Some Kind of Wonderful..."

 "You look good wearing the Future."

You've never looked better! Happy Birthday, and may you celebrate many more to come.

Ms. Duncan P.