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Archives – September 2003

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September 30, 2003
Eric Stoltz’ 42nd birthday.

September 28, 2003
A little update on the premiere of When Zachary Beaver Came to Town

If I am able to interpret the site, Eric Stoltz himself will be there on the 10th of October.

Ysabella has two updates on her site, an interview and a video clip link.

Eric Stoltz birthday’ is coming up! Just two days to go!

September 25, 2003
Some more
‘Mask’ screen caps. I still have not finished that project. There are some more to come.

Being busy with renovating my bedroom (at the moment almost everything is covered with dust), I apologize for not answering your mail that fast.

Please, if an answer is overdue,
mail me once more. I suspect that the message board corrupts email addresses. (Sorry for that ni-ni and faith. I did my best to contact you and tried to do so at least three times.)

September 22, 2003
Again two updates:

Release date of The Butterfly Effect has changed. Now it is the 23rd of January 2004. Thanks

Debby McCray, who is the mother of
Joanna McCray, posted this in my Guest Book / message board:

When Zachary Beaver Came to Town will be shown at the Worldwide Premiere in Austin Texas on October 10th.

Thanks Debby!

September 16, 2003
Got two updates on Eric Stoltz:

He is in a play in New York on September 17, 2003. Tennesse Williams’ The Rose Tattoo is his choice. Seems to be a world premiere. Details
here. (

A big huge RAH RAH RAH to
Ysabella for keeping me updated!

PS: I repaired the audio
poem link (August Archives 2003). Somehow I erased the file...

September 8, 2003
A little update: ‘The Butterfly Effect’ will be released on February 6, 2004. (

I added some trailer links to some filmo subs (‘
Prophecy’, ‘Memphis Belle’, ‘2 Days in the Valley’, etc.)

September 2, 2003
I added some new screen shots to the ‘
Mask’ filmo sub and I removed the old ones. I have not finished making screen shot from the DVD yet, so there are more to come.

Any comments? Contact me!


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Birthday greeting :-)
News update, new title pic
Some more
‘Mask’ screen caps.
News update
News update, a new
link and the poem link reactivated.
Trailer links and news update,
August 2003 archives closed and September 2003 opened
picture added.
Screen shots for ‘
Mask’ added.