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Archives - November 2003

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November 30, 2003

Some more
Memphis Belle screen caps added. I am not done yet.

Nothing else to report. It is quiet out there. Does anyone know, what Eric Stoltz is up to right now?
Contact me! I hope, he is busy working :-)

Happy first Sunday in Advent! May the cookies be with you *grin*

November 23, 2003

Just one more filmo sub (
Don’t Look Back) and an interview added. I took the link from Lorbooks *grin* This is too good, not to be copied.

November 20, 2003

Okay, here I am again. Missed me at least a bit? Work and English classes kept me busy the last two weeks.

The first few screen caps from
Memphis Belle are online now and a few more filmo subs will be added to the Filmography this weekend. I have already prepared them, but it takes some time to put them together.

Please, have a look at
Ysabella’s Eric Stoltz news page for some updates and a wonderful report on a nearly meeting with Eric Stoltz himself (Happy Hour screening in LA).

And because of not hearing that Chancer got a new family, have a look
here for the full story of Eric Stoltz picking up a stray dog and trying to find it a new home.

November 11, 2003

Experiencing some minor region code problems with my DVD player (DVD Genie 4.10 does not solve them all!), I still have not started the next screen caps project (Memphis Belle).

If anyone knows how to flash Windows XP SP-1, I would be thankful for
telling me *sigh* I got PowerDVD flashed, but Win XP is interfering every time I try to apply the new region code.

Have a hilarious day *grin*

PS Does anyone know, if Chancer already got a new family?

November 9, 2003
Eric Stoltz is looking for a new home for a stray dog he picked up a few days ago.
Full story
here. And quoting the article, interested adopters can e-mail. (Update 04-01-29: Chancer got a new home. So I erased the E-mail addy.)
Thanks for the info

November 7, 2003

No news at the moment. Just three screen caps of
Rules of Attraction added. THAAAAAAANKS MARGOOOOOO!




Some more
Memphis Belle screen caps added.
New filmo sub added (
Happy Hour). Some minor corrections. Some stills for Naked In NY added.
Filmo sub
Don’t Look Back and an interview added
First few
Memphis Belle screen caps added.
October 2003 archives closed.
Two more
RoA screen caps
Links updates. Picture added.
News update
RoA screen caps added.