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Archives -- May & June 2004

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June 28, 2004    +++ Site Update +++

Ysabella updated her site, added some interviews and links, so have a look here.

A new
filmo sub is up (meep). Say Anything. Goooood one *smile*

June 24, 2004    +++ Site & News Update +++

Calendar and wallpaper for July 2004 are available. The motif is blurry, I KNOW, but some movies are just videos on DVDs and they are not digitally remastered *sigh* And to get stills is even more difficult. Besides that, I do not have a scanner right now. Hopefully, I will get one soon *smile*

If you care for Anaconda in Hindi, have a look
here *grin*

Have fun!

June 23, 2004    +++ News Update +++

It is good to be in NYC right now, at least when you are an Eric Stoltz fan. Starting June 29, there will be a post-show Q&A session led by Richard Dreyfuss. According to, the audience will have the chance to talk with members of the cast. Those Q&A sessions will continue on Tuesdays throughout the summer at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre. For more details, click here.

Coming up: New calendar sheet and wallpaper for July 2004. We (hi
Ysabella!) cannot decide, which motif to take. Looks like we will choose the blurry Anaconda one. Oh well. Hope, that you will like it.


June 16, 2004    +++ News Update +++

“The sixth annual Broadway Barks fundraiser is set for July 10 in Shubert Alley...” ( and Eric Stoltz will be one of the “featured celebrity guests”.

The Butterfly Effect will be screened at the Fantasy Filmfest, which will take place in different German cities in August 2004. For more details, click here.

June 13, 2004    +++ News Update +++

I know, I am a little bit late once more, but being treated well by life, you sometimes do not have time for the small things like putting up links *smile*

Here it is:
Sly Fox had his 100th perfomance last week ( and there is a nice picture with Eric Stoltz right in the middle.

Just saw
Anaconda last night and just seeing his upper body the whole movie, I was reminded of the article about being bitten by spiders while filming this. Have a look here.

June 9, 2004   +++ Site Update +++

Ysabella *smile* found a marvelous link with some of Eric Stoltz theater projects back in 1982 (!), so I was able to update the Theatre Projects page.

June 6, 2004

Two pictures of the “Stars in the Alley” here and here (update links are broken 05-02-15).

May 28, 2004   +++ News Update +++

Eric Stoltz will participate in the in the annual "Stars in the Alley" concert (June 2, 2004). Read more here (

Ysabella found a nice audio interview. Click here (

Have a wonderful weekend!

May 26, 2004   +++ News Update +++

Misalliance -- the play Eric Stoltz recorded onstage in January 2003 -- is sold on L.A. Theatre Works.
It is part of a package (four plays for $80).

New calendar (June 2004) is up at
Ysabella’s site.

May 23, 2004

Broken links, gee and I have not even noticed it until today. Just fixed the most of them.

A new month ahead and new
calendar and wallpaper(s) are up.

Please, if you have stills, screen caps, pictures to share,
send them! Not that I run out of motifs, but I might do so soon. Just inform me before you sending them, because of my virus paranoia LOL I am still looking for a good still with Eric Stoltz in a kilt *smile*

May 16, 2004

Just another wallpaper added. Be sure to save them.

@ Redesign: The last adjustments will be done next week. And then I will have time to fill in some gaps.

If you have pictures, articles, news, anything related to Eric Stoltz, send it to me, please: leethana(at)

Thanks, Ysabella, for giving me confidence *smile*

May 13, 2004

Some ‘minor’ layout changes *grin* got rid of the edges. Tell me, whether you like it or not!

Happy Birthday, J.! If it is NYC, then it may be *smile*

May 8, 2004

The first of the two busy weeks passed by.

*singing* I'm still standing -- Better than I ever did -- Looking like a true survivor -- Feeling like a little kid
(Elton John) I love this song.

I’ll be back soon.

May 3, 2004    +++ News Update +++

There are some new pictures from Eric Stoltz on Click here.

I am busy and will be busy until the end of the following week. So, do not be angry with me, if there are no updates.
Ysabella updates her News Page regularly, so have a look there, but right now with Eric Stoltz playing on Broadway, there is not really much to tell anyway.




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