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Archives -- March & April 2004

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April 30, 2004

Updates on the recaps of the Pure Stupor Tour 2004 on Lorbooks and news updates on Ysabella’s site.

A Meep to Sprouty, thanks for the wonderful report.

April 26, 2004     +++ News Update +++

Just got this from Ysabella:

(...) MORE BENEFITS HAPPEN when the Atlantic Theatre Company returns to New York with a gala benefit, "Live From the Copa," broadcast from the original haunt tomorrow (04-26-2004) at 7:30 p.m. The radio broadcast boasts Wallace Shawn, Mary Steenburgen, Eric Stoltz, Bob Balaban and Mary Beth Peil performing the works of Woody Allen, Craig Lucas and David Mamet. Call 212- 691-5919 (...) -- Note: subscription needed!
Click here for more info. (Note 2004-08-03: Link to info is inactive)

April 23, 2004

The wheel is turning and Future’s son is walking ahead.
-- From Virginia Grey’s ‘Unwritten Stories’

I got some feedback (yes, some
write me *smile* ) And I was asked NOT to change the navigation on this site. Okay. I won’t.

The new
May 2004 wallpaper ist online. The new calendar sheet is online, too.

Keep your heart warm!

April 20, 2004

Coming soon
, the new calendar sheet for May 2004. I already uploaded a Memphis Belle desktop wallpaper.

May I quote one of my fave proverbs producer once more:
Knowing is not as good as loving; loving is not as good as enjoying.
-- Confucius

April 19, 2004

Updates on Ysabella’s site. Sly Fox is nominated for the Outer Critics Circle Award, categorie Outstanding Revival of a Play.

Sprouty finished her
Stupor Tour 2004 report. Some really nice pictures.

And -- thanks, Nancy, for pointing that out --
Sly Fox’ booking is open until Dec. 19, 2004. A different source says open until August 15, 2004.

April 12, 2004

Two new links for you:

Avary’s Killing Zoe Details, have a closer look at the ‘Son Et Lumière’ page (06-01-05 editor’s note: links are broken). Some stills, good background info on the production. But somebody should tell them that some pic links are gone.

From the an amusing little detail about 2 Days in the Valley (update: site is gone 05-02-15). Why does Eric Stoltz’ comment in this article reminds me of his appearance in
Harvard Man? LOL Oh, yes, another fallen angel ;-)


April 8, 2004

I am not really back or to quote Ysa, I never was really away *smile*

Just a small update: A
Killing Zoe filmo sub added including 35 screen caps and a Killing Zoe wallpaper here.

April 3, 2004

I will be away for a while. Please, for updates and news have a look at the sites of Ysabella and Lorbooks.

Keep smiling!

March 29, 2004

Eric Stoltz is still in New York, playing on Broadway, which he will hopefully do at least until June 6, 2004 (booking is open until then). The play is
Sly Fox.

There will be some changes on this site again. I will try to simplify the layout a bit and make it more flexible to different browsers and screen resolutions. I also have some DVDs to take some more sreen caps of --
SKOW, NiNY and Killing Zoe, which I got as an early Eastern present from my sister *smile*. So there is more to come this month. There will be some more wallpapers (a Memphis Belle one is planned and if the SKOW and NiNY screen caps turn out well, we’ll see, what I will do with those) and the April calendar sheet is already online.

Jim Byrnes - who has nothing to do with Eric Stoltz, at least I do not read or heard anything about any kind of relation between them -  released his new album Fresh Horses. And now there is an audio sample (update site has moved 05-02-15) on the
Black Hen Music site. Gee, he is marvellous. Amazon seems to sell the CD all over the world.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step -- Confucius
Let’s go -- leethana

March 24, 2004

New calendar sheet and wallpaper.

Bon voyage, Sprouty! And a warm welcome to Floor from the Netherlands and Titania from Spain :-)

March 21, 2004

Dear regular guests, is there a chance that you tell me, who you are and where you are from? I really would LOVE to know. PLEASE, contact me leethana(at) or sign my guest book. Thanks Kyoko and Belem for doing so *smile*.

Keep smiling!

March 20, 2004   +++ News Update +++

Happy Hour will be screened on the 28th ciff (cleveland international film festival). For more info, have a look here.

I updated the
‘Happy Hour’ filmo sub. There is a link to the production info (O’Hara / Klein) now.

A new a calendar sheet and desktop
wallpapers are coming soon!
A Meep! to
Ysabella *grin*

March 17, 2004

Another wallpaper added. (03-18-2004 I adjusted it a bit *grin*) And I updated my links (it took me about an hour to check them all).

It’s quiet out there *waves to the Jellicos* How are you, dudes? And hi Margo!

So, if you have any comments, like to tell me or ask me something,
contact me

March 14, 2004

Just crossed the 10,000 visitors
(not counting the 1,892 picture pages visitors). In hits this is 28,752 for the main pages and 7,737 for pics.

Ysabella had a wonderful idea: a monthly updated calendar featuring Eric Stoltz. So she has a printable (5.5” x 8”) on her site now. To add to that I made a desktop wallpaper, which can be downloaded here. We do our best to upload them before the month will begin, but this time we had to work some things out (imagine tons of MBs flooding from Germany to USA and back to layout the page). I hope, you like it!
Comments welcomed!

March 10, 2004

I added something to the site. A new filmo sub. Something that is so long ago that it does not seem to be real anymore. The Wild Life (1984).

And something that has nothing to do with Eric Stoltz:
Jim Byrnes released his new CD ‘Fresh Horses’.
And he will be on
CBC's "Saturday Night Blues" (April 02, 2004).
It’s good that he is back.

March 9, 2004    +++ News Update +++

Sly Fox update: Booking is open to the 6th of June 2004.

March 8, 2004

Just for Ysabella: five more
NiNY screen caps. Hope, you love them *smile*

March 6, 2004    +++ News Update +++

Sly Fox will start a day later on Broadway (03-13-2004). There will be some additional shows in Boston until the 7th. ( article here). Thanks Ysabella! She also has some new articles online.

I added two
Naked In NY screen caps.

March 2, 2004    +++ News Update +++

Did I ask for white Eastern? I shouldn’t have.

Okay, here are a few links for you:

Sprouty’s recap of her (and AussieG/D and some others) meeting with Eric Stoltz in Boston and of the Stupor Tour 2004 (Dimitri’s house - well, at least the garden - was haunted by the jellicos!). I will try hard to join in the next one.

Ysabella put up some pictures of Connie’s meeting with Eric Stoltz in Boston.

Sly Fox reviews here ( (06/11/2008 editor’s note: link was broken, so, I removed it). and here (




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