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Archives – July 2003

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July 29, 2003
Sometimes, yes, I have to admit, sometimes I wonder, I simply do.

I changed the title of my site, just to correct a mistake. Are there any other mistakes you would like to correct and do not do so, because you do not what to hurt my feelings??? I am not hurt that easily.

Common guys and dolls, just tell me! I won’t bite, I promise.

@ Sandra: Thanks for being honest.

July 28, 2003
Did I say, I do not need the
Guest Book? Forget about it!

A big huge ‘thank you’ to Sandra! And welcome here!

What about pictures from Portugal? Or England? Or something very exotic: some photos of the National Park I live in? Nature impressions? People? Some views of Berlin?
You have the choice :-)

Oh, you have to have a look
here. Noticed anything familiar? ;-)

July 27, 2003
Good news! ‘
Blood of Strangers’ is streaming on BBC this week.

XLG went on vacation, so we have to be patient. She will be back soon.

I got a request to link a Yahoo Mailing List to my
link page and I did so. I also added another one, which is listed under ‘Yahoo! Mailing List: Vegetarians’, so it is difficult to locate on Yahoo.

Okay, the Skye photos are gone. I will upload some other private pics soon. A few LA impressions or some Malta pictures? I also have some of Paris. We will see...

July 25, 2003
There are some more
filmo subs (‘Perfect Crimes 3 / Fallen Angels’, ‘2 Days in the Valley’, ‘Inside’ and ‘Grace of my Heart’). I still have to write some plot outlines, though. And I moved some pictures again to the filmo subs (away from ‘Some Pictures’) and updated the archives and the filmography.

I will remove the pictures from Skye on Sunday. Would you like to see some more of my sight seeing pics or some other private photos? Do you think that this does not belong here? (
contact me)


July 24, 2003
A warm welcome to XLG! She got infected, too.

Thanks to her there will be some ‘Once and Again’ screen caps on this site soon!

Take care and have a wonderful day!
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July 22, 2003
I admit, I watched ‘Tour de France’ this weekend, so I have not added any filmo subs or updated any of the other pages. And I am working on a project of some fans (about 3,000), who want to
translate Harry Potter 5 into German BEFORE the Carlsen version is out on the beginning of November 2003. So, I am busy, but not away.

I decided that my next screen caps project is ‘The Prophecy / God’s Army’. Some good stills of Simon. I have just seen one or two yet.

Someone was looking for ‘Fallen Angels’. As we (thanks to Sprouty) found out, it is also known as ‘Perfect Crimes’. I have some screen caps of the Eric Stoltz episode ‘A Dime a Dancer’

PS: I just added 8 more ‘
Blackout Effect’ screen caps. Good night to you, wherever you are.

July 18, 2003
Good news: I have more web space than I thought, which means, I will be able to upload more pictures, not today or tomorrow, but I will do it. I just finished making screen caps from the first seven chapters from the ‘Blackout Effect’ DVD. I will try to do the next five ones this weekend and maybe I will find time to rent one or two Eric Stoltz DVDs next week and make some more. Any favorites (
contact me)? Of course it depends on my video store, which ones I will take eventually. I do not think, they have such exotic films like ‘Manifesto’ or ‘Haunted Summer’ on DVD though...

The pictures from Skye will be online until next Friday or so. So, have a look. And a big huge RAH RAH RAH to
Ysabella. Thanks for dugging deeper *grin*

July 16, 2003
Neither heaven and nor hell yet. Oh well, never mind. I give up. I wanted you to help me to improve this site, but it seems like I have to go on trusting my belly...

I added some
filmo subs and finished moving the pictures to the filmo subs, at least to the ones, which are online. There are more to come, but I am kind of busy with adjusting to some changes in my life. There are more to come, too *grin*

I am experiencing some troubles with my hit counter provider and it looks like I have to find a new one. So, please give me about three weeks or so and I will fix that. I will have to move my ‘
Guest Book’, too. But I do not need it that much anyway.

Do me a favor and keep smiling, so I will recognize you, when we meet someday, somewhere in the streets of Berlin, Paris, LA, Tokyo or any other town or maybe in the Highlands of Scotland *sigh* where my soul is -- at peace, wide, full of the spicy wind and my inner eye sees the brownish green of its moors -- that reminds me of my few days on Skye. If you ever have the chance to go there, do it. It is simply wonderful. Great folks and beautiful landscape.

PS: I added some more ‘
Blackout Effect’ screen caps.

July 10, 2003
Here they are: 7 screen shots of ‘Perfect Crimes 3’ and 4 of ‘Blackout Effect’ and some more to come.

I found out that I got listed on a Japanese Eric Stoltz fan site. Even though I cannot read it, I thank you for doing so.

Any chance to get any feedback? Besides Sprouty and Ysabella, no one seems to see the necessity of doing so. There for I post here a little story about feedback:

A young and arrogant samurai stood before an aged Zen master and ordered: “Master, teach me about heaven and hell!” With a look of disgust, the master replied: “You are an ignorant fool. You are dirty. You smell. You are a disgrace to the samurai class.” The samurai’s face turned red with anger. Master or no master, who could insult a samurai and live? He drew his sword and prepared to end the old man’s life. Looking straight into his eyes, the master said quietly: “That is hell.” The samurai became aware of his uncontrolled anger and ego. Filled with shame, he put away his sword and bowed low. Looking up into the master’s face, he suddenly felt love and pity for the an. At the moment, the master raised a finger and said, “And that is heaven.”

So make my day and
give me a piece of heaven or hell.


July 7, 2003
I made some ‘minor’ changes to the
picture page. Have a look.

I have started to add
screen shots of ‘Blackout Effect’ and ‘Perfect Crimes 3’. But I did not have enough time to add the blown up ones last week. Sorry, you will have to wait a few more days.

Keep smiling!

July 1, 2003
Dear me, this was not one of the best weeks I have ever had. But I am back. Some new
stills, some filmo subs and the knowledge that Ysabella’s interview collection is something I will never be able to compete with, not that I intend to *grin* And I added two more links to my link collection.

Welcome to all of you who have come here by accident. It is not my fault that some search engines list me by every single actor, actress or movie that is spelled out on my filmo subs, but hey! maybe I get you hooked on Eric Stoltz, too!

No news or rumors about Eric Stoltz at the moment.


PS: Feel free to sign my
Guest Book or contact me! I would love to have some feedback. And don’t worry, if your English isn’t perfect *grin* mine isn’t either.

Any comments? Contact me!



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