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Archives -- January & February 2004

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February 25, 2004

Sprouty and Aussie GD fan met Eric Stoltz just yesterday! Their report will be published on Lorbooks soon!

Ysabella passed me on a link to an interesting new interview and there is ‘out-of-bed’ style picture of him, too.

I added and moved some
pictures. And there are some minor layout changes again.

It’s snowing over here and I am tempted to sing ‘I’m dreaming of a white Eastern*grin*

February 22, 2004

Some minor changes in the layout of the Theatre Projects and the Filmography pages.

February 15, 2004

*singing* Make it one for my baby and one more for the road
(Swing When You Are Winning, RW)

Some stuff to do, some places to go ... sorry for being away for so long!

Hi to the new Jellico Susan!

And a big fat grin to the rest of them, who are still on the road :-) It was great talking to you, dudes *grin*

News about Eric Stoltz? None right now. I hope that there will be some soon, because some of the tomatoes are going to Boston.
Sly Fox premiere is coming up sooooooon! Five days to go.

February 7, 2004   +++ News Update +++

Eric Stoltz directed the bonus DVD “Takes You Home to Ireland” for Bernadette Moley’s “All I Want” album, which will be released in a few days. We already knew that he played ‘the boyfriend’ in the ‘Brief Moments’ video. (Screen caps here and here)

Ysabella updated her site. She added some news and some credites.

February 1,  2004

I added a few more SKOW sreen caps.

Ysabella! Maybe I should take some more English lessons *grin*

January 30, 2004

*singing* Baby, it’s cold outside!

Busy week :-) But today I ‘screen capped’ my way through the first four chapters of my
Some Kind Of Wonderful DVD. I erased four of the five not very good stills and added 24 screen caps. More to come, some will be changed in the process as usual.  SKOW is the second movie I ever saw with Eric Stoltz (the first one was Sister, Sister btw.) and I really am reminded why I am a fan of this redhead *grin* 

Also, knowing that my fellow jellies are going to meet next week in LA WITHOUT ME *sob* I'm shouting across the big huge ocean to them ‘Have fun, dudes’ and drink one for me *smile* Maybe next time. Read ya soooooon!

And to the many visitors, please sign my
guest book or write me an E-mail leethana(at) I would love to read your comments, your reasons for visiting this site, your Eric Stoltz stories and maybe, just maybe you have an idea, how to improve the site, and how to make it a bit better.

*singing* Maybe this time, I’ll be lucky

January 22, 2004

Updates on Lorbooks! Also a short statement of Eric Stoltz on Sly Fox taken from the here. Thanks Sprouty!

January 19, 2004

I added two more pictures. Both are ‘old’ and I’ve seen them before, but I think, they should be on my site. And a new cover is online.

There are some new articles online, mentioning Eric Stoltz, because of
Sly Fox and the premiere / release of The Butterfly Effect. So have a look out for them, e.g. News and

RAH RAH RAH to Lorbooks! They crossed 30,000 hits.

Long way for me to get there, too *grin* just about 50 per day at the moment...6,250 something right the middle of June 2005 LOL
why does that remind me of the lyrics of A Thousand Years by Sting ;-)

And the question of the day: Will there be a German premiere of
The Butterfly Effect? In Berlin maybe?

January 14, 2004 +++ News Update +++

After calling off his participation in Our Lady, he also seems to drop out of the Ojai benefit project Troubled Love. My guess is that the rehearsals of Sly Fox interfere with the other projects. Will there be time for him to attend the Sundance Festival this year? We will see.

Did I mention that I lost half of my navigation and no one told me about it? Please,
contact me, if a link does not work, if I misspell words or if I write something that does not make any sense. I just learn by being corrected.

January 7, 2004

Memphis Belle screen caps are online now. Some Kind Of Wonderful is the next project. There are still some chapters of Blackout Effect to cover.

January 5, 2004

News Updates on Lorbooks and Ysabella’s site. I was a bit busy the last week and hopefully will have time to add some stuff the next few days.

Hope you are all well :-)




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