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Archives -- December 2003

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December 30, 2003

December 28, 2003

Still want to keep track of the site updates? I moved the section to the Archives, so have a look there.

A little update on the
Theatre Projects page and a complete link test (and some updates).

December 26, 2003  +++ News Update +++

This man is busy, surely is :) just got the info that he was filming the feature Childstar in Toronto. Production dates were Nov. 8 - Dec. 2003. Read here (The article is gone, sorry. Missed to save it. 04-03-17) and here about the project.

LATW production Lady Windemere’s Fan will be broadcasted Jan. 3, 2004. For details, please have a look at the Lorbooks’ homepage.

December 23, 2003  +++ News Update +++

Looks like Eric Stoltz will not take part in the onstage recording of ‘Our Lady of 121st Street’. The Sly Fox’ rehearsals interfere with the LATW production. No idea, who is going to replace him. The question here is, is this man replaceable at all? NOPE!

I crossed the 5,000 hits today.
Thanks to all of you and a special thanks to my fellow jellies


December 22, 2003

Site updates. Some changes. Hope you like it!

December 21, 2003  +++ News Update +++

Toodles back, Ysabella *grin* thanks!

Chancer - the stray dog Eric Stoltz picked up a few weeks ago (
article here) - has gotten a new home. Got this from Lorbooks :-)

Have a joyful 4th Sunday in Advent!

December 20, 2003  +++ News Update +++

Another Sly Fox article here ( The show is planned as an open-ended run, according to the producers.

December 19, 2003  +++ News Update +++

Eric Stoltz is filming the short film Hello in Seattle. A picture and an article here ( Thanks Ysabella!

And Boston, this is good news! Eric Stoltz is coming!
Sly Fox will be performed as a pre-Broadway engagement at the Shubert Theatre (February 20 - March 7).

December 16, 2003

I try to update the Theatre Project list, but it is difficult to doublecheck the plays. One is confirmed (Down the Road thanks Ysabella!) and the other ones have not been doublechecked yet.

There is a note telling that he was in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Festival Theatre / EFF August 1999), but somehow I cannot find anything about this and being as correct as possible, I would like to have a secondary source to back this up. Does anyone know something about this? If you do, PLEASE contact me leethana(at) !!!

December 11, 2003  +++ News Update +++

Eric Stoltz will be -- besides many other celebrities like Lily Tomlin -- in a (quote) ‘star-studded special event to benefit Ojay Playwrights Conference on January 17, 2004’. It’s called Troubled Love. For more information, please click here. (Thanks Sprouty!)

December 10, 2003  +++ News Update +++

According to and Ysabella, Eric Stoltz will be in other play on Broadway. The name of the project is Sly Fox by Larry Gelbart and the theatre is the “Ethel” Barrymore. More about the comedy here. He is not listed as a cast member yet, but it might be the part of Simon Able, which is still uncast (

December 8, 2003

I just added a
The Butterfly Effect picture (Thanks Ysabella!)

I also added some screen caps from
Jerry Maguire and trailer screen caps from Killing Zoe, the second one is ‘parked’ on the Filmography page. (Thanks Julie from the ericstoltz2003 Yahoo! Group)

December 3, 2003

Poster 'The Butterlfy Effect'News Update

Sundance Film Festival is coming up (January 15-25, 2004) and The Butterfly Effect is listed on the program (premiere). There are still tickets available, at least it says so on the site. (Thanks for the tip, Sprouty!)

And just a reminder: Click on my small screen caps to blow them up. I know, I should write this above the images. I will do this *sigh* but not today. And sometimes I hide pages behind pictures *grin* Have fun finding them!

And last but not least,
contact me, if you want me to add something, correct mistakes or just want to say ‘hi’. This is a growing project and at the moment there are about 250 pages (including about 150 picture pages) online. And Mask is still the page with the most hits.




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