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Archives – August 2003

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August 27, 2003
Today I got two notes telling me that Eric Stoltz will be in another play this winter (thanks Sprouty and Jean). So I made a little research and here are the results:

February 4, 5, 6 and 8, 2004 he will take part in the onstage recording of Our Lady of 121st Street at the Skirball Cultural Center (LA, CA, USA). For further details, tickets, etc.
L.A. Theatre Works (schedule 2003-2004) (article from

There are some rumors about new projects, but nothing has been confirmed yet, so we will have to wait... Have an eye (or two, if you can spare both) on

I added ‘some’ new stills on the ‘
The Prophecy’ filmo sub.

PS: I am in the mood of quoting one of my favorite songs, but no, I won’t expose myself today, maybe another day. Gee, what a day...

2.PS: Do not forget: ‘Singles’, September 7, 2003, 8.30-10.20 on Pro 7.

3.PS: My counter and
guest book survived the updates without any problems. At least I am able to keep both services.

August 25, 2003
Just a few updates: It is confirmed. ‘
Out of Order’ was not planned as an ongoing series and for that there will not be any new episodes. Not canceled, but for us fans it means the same.

Eric Stoltz is planning another project as a director. Updates on that are on
Ysabella’s and Lorbooks.

Last but not least,
Fright Fest London 2003 and ‘Butterfly Effect’: oh well, instead of showing it under its name, they turned the movie into ‘The BIG Hollywood Major Release Surprise’! Too late *grin* WE already knew about it.

PS: - which provides my guest book and the counter -  is planning some updates on its services. Another ‘oh well’. Let’s see, what will come out of this. I will save my guest book in a file, so it cannot get lost by being improved...

Do not forget: ‘Singles’, September 7, 2003, 8.30-10.20 on Pro 7.

August 20, 2003
There are some updates on
Ysabella’s News Page and Lorbooks. Eric Stoltz seems to get busy again. (Another appearance in public last Friday, two weeks in a row...) And it looks like ‘Out of Order’ will not go into a next season. This is not confirmed yet, though.

I added another filmo sub (‘
A Murder of Crows’). And there are two more stills for ‘Memphis Belle’ (Thanks Margo!) Last but not least, a little update on the ‘2 Days in the Valley’ filmo sub.

August 16, 2003

This is a good one! Someone was looking for ‘2003 + blackout + prophecy’ and guess what LOL my Archives July 2003 turned up! Oh gosh, sometimes life itself writes the best jokes.

My friend is fine. She was not effected by the blackout and my heart is a lot lighter.

I moved the Edgar Allen Poe poem to the
Archives and I will keep it there as long as I do not need the web space.

I updated the
link page. Besides the German pay TV broadcasting of ‘Harvard Man’, ‘Hi-Life in Manhattan’ and ‘Tod eines Offiziers’, there will be ‘2 Tage L.A.’ on RTL2 (August 23, 2003, 4.10-6.15) AND ‘Singles - Gemeinsam Einsam’ on Pro7 (September 7, 2003, 8.30-10.20). My friends from Belgium have the pleasure of watching ‘Murder of Crows’ September 3, 2003 21.25-23.00. Keep yourself updated here.

Have a wonderful joyful weekend! Take care!

August 15, 2003
I added two more ‘
Waterdance’ stills.

My prayers are with my friend, who has to stay in hospital in the Niagara Falls area. I am a bit worried...

I will be gone for the weekend :-) another flea market Sunday. So, if anything news breaking happens,
Ysabella will post it for sure.

August 12, 2003
I added another
article and some pictures here and one here. Found a nice picture of ‘Keys To Tulsa’.

August 10, 2003
Lorbooks posted the information that Eric Stoltz was seen on the premiere after-party of ‘American Splendor’. (Thanks to Anne and Ysabella!) Have a look yourself (wireimage). If the link does not work, please go to and fill in ‘Eric Stoltz’ in the gap above ‘Caption’. I know, I am a bit late with this news. Sorry for that.

Ysabella is desperately looking for stills of ‘Highball’ and ‘Surf 2’ of Eric Stoltz. If you have a DVD or V-CDR of one of the movies
contact me. I would love to help her.

Welcome home XLG!

I just stumbled over ’A Dream Within A Dream’ by Edgar Allan Poe:
text - audio (650 KB mp3, please, download the file, do not try to listen to it online. Somehow it does not work). (Update 03-10-07 audio file erased)
His ‘Annabel Lee’ is still one of my favorite pieces of poetry. The sound of it is pure magic.

August 6, 2003
A warm welcome to Margo!

I just watched the 7 Mr. Dimitri episodes of ‘Once and Again’. Now I understand... Have you ever noticed, how many sites related to O&A are online?

I added two more
filmo subs (‘Common Ground’ and ‘Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge’).

There is nothing else to do for this site at the moment. Please, have a look at
Ysabella’s site. She added ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’ stills.

PS: Somehow the interest in ‘Mask’ has increased over the last few days. Does anyone know the reason why?

August 1, 2003
A little update:
The Butterfly Effect is in the programme of the FrightFest 2003 London and will be show on the 22nd of August. There are some stills on the site, too (but none of Eric Stoltz).

And ‘
Misalliance’ is online. Thanks Sprouty!

Any comments? Contact me!



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Stills on
‘Prophecy’ filmo sub and some minor updates on some filmo subs (‘2 Days in the Valley’, ‘Fluke’ and ‘Rob Roy’) added.
One more
filmo sub, some minor updates and two ‘Memphis Belle’ stills added. Minor changes in the layout.
Two more
‘Waterdance’ stills
Added goody for
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article added and some pictures here and one here
Three more
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