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Archives – May & April 2003

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May 31, 2003

You have to read this
interview. It is from the Grace/Dimitri fan site and it is simply wonderful!

Have fun!

May 30, 2003
Please, again,
write me, if something isn’t working or wrong! I do my very best, but I need feedback! It is the only way to improve this site and I am not doing this just for enjoying myself -- well, I do enjoy doing this, but I think that you get the point, don’t you?

Be sure that I am able to take critic!

To that person who tried to trace me down (*grin* yes, I noticed it) I have two other sites -- both are in German -- up and running: (update 04-01-14: not my site anymore)

Anyone else interested in my person? Just ask me, I may answer...

May 28, 2003
No news at the moment. The shooting of the ‘Out of Order’ pilot seems to be done (May 25, 2003) and the 1st of June is closing in (premiere of ‘Out of Order’ on Showtime).

May 24, 2003
Sorry for the loading problems the last two days!  I think, I solved the problem. The hit counter interfered with the html. I banned it into the last loading corner of the ‘Getting Home’ page.

Please, have a look at
Ysabella’s news page. She added some interesting interviews and a transcript of a radio show with Eric Stoltz.

May, 22 2003
Some ‘minor’ changes to the layout. Having a hit counter with a visitor statistic, I am able to get some information on the screen resolutions, browsers and operating systems you use. That is the reason for some adjustments. (Why do most of you use the Internet Explorer? Netscape 7.0 is the fastest browser I know and it has some very good features, too.)

By the way, hi to the Japanese visitors and the persons from Toronto and Vancouver (Catherine, is that you?) and last but not least to my German guests. I promise, there will be a German version of this site one day. (Thanks for signing my
Guest Book, Christian!) Maybe I will have time next Winter, no garden work and the dog has to stay inside, even though she loves snow...

Talking about changes, I added a
Radio Plays section and some sub pages to the filmography last week. There are more to come this weekend.

And I got listed in the, which means I am on the best way to get into the international search engines!

So, have fun and take care :-)

May 18, 2003
A little news update:
BBC 3 (
online) will broadcast ‘Vieux Carre’, which is a semi-autobiographical play by Tennessee Williams. (Note 2004-08-03: Link to BBC Drama3 is inactive)
Date: 25th May 2003
Time: I read something about 7:30 PM (GMT)
Why do I write about this? Guess.


May, 15 2003
A warm welcome to Marion and Lisa. Thanks for beta reading. I do appreciate it and hopefully will be able to return the favor!

May 10, 2003
Finally I found a place to store my Eric Stoltz site. This is not the perfect place, but it will do for a while.

The amount of pictures and pages is growing and my last server was too slow. Now I am on another server and this is a better (faster) one...hopefully.

Write me, if you have any problems loading AND PLEASE tell me how the pictures, banners and buttons turn out on your computers. I think that some will experience some strange color effects, depending on their graphic cards. I just had a closer look on my site using my old computer and I was amazed by how different the coloring was. If too many of you have troubles with the graphics, I will adjust it.

There will be a guest book soon. And I hope to find time to add to the filmography. If you have any suggestions, find misspelled words or wonderful Denglish grammar mistakes or have any comments, please feel free to
write me. I will be able to endure it ;-)

Last but not least I need help on the filmography pages. Being not very firm in written English and not knowing every Eric Stoltz project by heart (yes, I admit, I have not seen every single movie...yet), I would like to ask you for short summaries/plot outlines for the film and play pages. I am also in need of some film quotes. Since I've only seen his movies dubbed in German, I figured that my quotes might be confusing to most of you.

May 9, 2003
I added to the
filmography and some pictures.
I also activated the

This is a second test run. Due to that there are still some mistakes.

Thanks to Ysabella again :-) She is my first choice beta reader!

Any comments?
Contact me!

May 5, 2003
I added some

May 1, 2003
Audio Books and Theater Projects got both updated.

April 10, 2003
I added a

April 8, 2003
Thanks to Ysabella! She made a good job of beta reading!

Any comments? Contact me!



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interview added. Link test and updates.
Update of the
Filmography and an article added. Some minor adjustments to the layout
Two more sub pages to the
Filmography added
Again some
interviews added.
interviews added.
Filmography sub pages, an interview and some pictures added.
Some minor changes to the layout.
I installed the hit counter