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November 21, 2010

Some news, some tidbits, just a few little things going on. First the not-so-good news. SyFy has canceled Caprica, starring Eric Stoltz. The remaining five eps of season 1.5 will air as a mini-marathon on January 4th, 2011. **Canadian fans - the Space Channel IS still airing Caprica through to the end! You can catch it on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm.

On to the good new. Fort McCoy was screened at two more film fests, including the Hollywood International Film Festival at which it won the Best Feature Film award! It was also screened at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival last week.

There is strong evidence Eric Stoltz directed another episode of Private Practice, believed to be ep. 4.11. A producer and an actress mentioned working with him, and actress Kate Walsh tweeted a photo of him taken on the set. You can see it here:

Info about Off the Map is sparse, but it seems likely the episode Eric Stoltz directed is 1.05 titled "I'm Here". The actor Eric was photographed with on the set is said to be in this episode. We'll let you know when more info about these latest two directing jobs is confirmed.

Keep in mind that if you have a Facebook account, you can get all these latest updates quickly and easily on our Facebook page: Eric Stoltz Fans United. It's worth liking! Abby

And sorry for a whole month of not updating the site. Paris and a new job kept me busy. Big huge thanks to Abby who really does her utmost to keep us updated! lee:)

October 21, 2010

A quick photos, podcasts and vids update!

It appears Eric Stoltz directed at least one episode of a new TV show called "Off the Map". There's a photo of him on the set over on Twitpics, you can see it here (Note - the photos on this account are sometimes removed after being up a short time, so don't delay!)

Also, if you'd like to watch Caprica's episode 1.10 "Unvanquished" again, I recommend you do it while listening to the podcast in which Eric and others explain how the episode was created. You can find it here (

There's also some behind-the-scenes footage of him directing Glee out on YouTube.

Last, but certainly not least: if you haven't seen it somewhere on the internet yet, some short snippets of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly in "Back to the Future" were released recently. You can see them here (, along with some interview quotes.

Have fun! Abby

And we are on Facebook now, too. So check out Eric Stoltz fans united. leethana:)

October 5, 2010

If you're a regular visitor here then you know that when it comes to news about Eric Stoltz, it's either feast or famine. Well, hurray - today it's a feast! Several things to tell you about.

Of course, Caprica is returning with season 1.5, beginning tonight October 5th. Eric Stoltz directed the premiere episode titled "Unvanquished". It has received great reviews, so don't forget to tune in and check it out! Click here (

There are several nice pics of Eric directing episode 2.04 of Glee, titled "Duets". You can see them here ( The episode airs on October 12th.

Fort McCoy is getting another screening, this time at the Heartland Film Festival. More information about that is here (

Lastly, it appears the Twitter account for Eric Stoltz is finally seeing some action, and some very nice photos of him directing have been posted on You can follow the account here:

I think that's everything...if not, we'll make an addendum! Have fun, enjoy the day! Abby

September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Eric Stoltz!

Abby drew Eric Stoltz a birthday gift and I am honored to present it!
Please, click here to see The Motif.

Have a great day! Have fun! Life is definitely too short to waste it!

September 11, 2010

We are still here!

Sooo, Caprica will air three months earlier! For more info, click here (

There are rumors that Eric Stoltz directed an ep of Glee, but I was not able to back that up. As soon as there are facts, I will post it.

Link update. The link to the Caprica interview broke. Here is a new version (

Abby & lee

July ... wait, it is August 1st, 2010 *no comment here*

A few good updates, well, partly good ones. One is not so great, but judge for yourself.

Caprica got a definite maybe for a second season from Syfy (for us oldies Scifi). Read more here. ( There are also rumors of hirings going on in Vancouver. Nothing official here. We keep you updated.So therefore the second half of season one will air, BUT a few months later than we were told before. Now it is said to return in January 2011.

And Eric Stoltz made it into the MoMA in NYC. Check this link (

Off to eat my homemade lasagne! Have a great day! ... I am sure that I forgot to post something ... Yes! The Caprica link. I was asked a few days ago whether there is a good Cap site out there or not and Abby sent me this link to:

As I said before, we are not going to become a Caprica site, but still have to provide you with links, regarding this series.

July 17, 2010

Note from Abby:
There are new pictures of Eric Stoltz, taken on the set of Huge when he directed the episode ‘Talent Night’. You can see them here on Getty Images.
Take it easy, enjoy the day!

June 28, 2010

Already end of June? Gee.

Okay, back to our favorite topic which starts with a hooray for Norman! He digged up the fact that Blank Slate (the TNT micro series) was published on DVD in Brazil -- in Portugese. You can order it here The titel you have to enter is “Memoria Artificial” and there you are.

Actually, I forgot to ask Abby, whether there is an English track or not, but she has already pointed out that this version is longer than the one that used to be streaming online. (And just got the reply from Abby, she does not know, but thinks that there has to be one. We honestly cannot be sure, but it would be strange if there were none.)

And Eric Stoltz directed an ep of Huge, a new ABC Family one-hour drama series. The titel is “Talent Night” and it will air Monday, July 19th (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT). ABC Family pressrelease here along with some stills. No photo of Mr. Director though.

May 7, 2010

More directing work for Eric Stoltz! He has signed on to direct the  movie "Racing Patriots". Filming is scheduled to begin this winter. More info here ( Abby

April 23, 2010

Susan Stoltz sent me this link this morning and I would like to share it with you. It is a YouTube vid, narrated by Eric Stoltz. Sharkey, her Jack Russell Terrier, got an overdose of an active pharmaceutical ingredient, because someone sold medicine with the wrong dosage. Sharkey survived, but the dog’s liver got badly damaged.

Groenemeyer, dearly missedBeing a dog owner and lover ever since this woolen something that turned out to be a poodle crossed my way when I was about three years old and almost losing one of my doggies (photo on the right) just because a so-called vet gave two contra indicated meds at the same time, I know too well, how that feels. He survived, but had to take meds until he eventually had to be put to sleep two years later. Two wonderful years I should add.

We love out pets! They are family!

April 14, 2010

Eric Stoltz directed another Private Practice ep. It is called “War” (#3.21). More info here ( and there are new photos of Mr. Director himself here (
Thank you, Abby!

Paddyvilles’ statue is set to ‘unknown’ now and I take ‘First Howl’ off the list. As soon as there are any signs that this is still a project in progress, I will tell you. No updates on Fort McCoy. We were hoping for a release last autumn, but now it just says ‘2010’.

His official site is still down ... well, down as in back to basic layout and no content.

Keep smiling!

March 26, 2010

The latest episode of Private Practice directed by Eric Stoltz is ep 3:19, called "Eyes Wide Open". It premieres on April 1st. Eric also directed an episode of Caprica, but no official word yet on the title. He has said in interviews it's episode 10 and should be the first ep of the second half of the first season.

And here's an interesting find! Eric Stoltz has a cameo in a music video called "Don't Look Back" by the band Kissing Cousins. Seems this was done last year (released Sept '09 I think?) but this is the first I've heard of it. You can watch it here (

Enjoy! Abby

February 12, 2010

There are still interviews with Eric Stoltz cropping up with regards to the launching of Caprica. I think for some there were multiple journalists in the room but their transcripts were edited differently. Here's one that seems less cut than some others (

Also, here's a very nice two-part interview you won't find in the general media. Taken from ‘The Glenrock Bird’.
(Click on the 'newspaper' to enlarge it, then go to page five and look to the column on the far right of the page.)
Part one
Part two

For previews and promos of Caprica, the SyFy Caprica homepage is always worth keeping an eye on, as they post new stuff regularly.

Keep smiling! Abby

January 26, 2010

Lots of interesting reading out right now, coinciding with the television broadcast of the Caprica pilot on Friday the 22nd. Here are two new interviews with Eric Stoltz, in which he hints at further directing work in the near future:

Los Angeles Times
Film Review Online

Many, many reviews of Caprica are available. Three from various sources and styles can be read here:

The Washington Post
TV Squad
Scifi Block

Have fun and enjoy! Abby

Short note from lee:
Howl is still on hold. Strange considering the vampire hype. But we can look forward to a release of Fort McCoy THIS year. It was scheduled for last autumn though. Fortunate Sons is beyond the state of rumors now. It is a project in progress and the new job Abby is referring to is another directing gig at PP’s ... Private Practice that is. I am hoping for another Grey’s one as well. And a note on the official Eric Stoltz site: it is working. Try this one (link removed, 01/29/2012) (thanks Sarah!). I saved the wrong one *sigh*

PS: Just checked the google requests for this site and one was ‘what happened to eric stoltz’ *grin* stay tuned!

RSSJanuary 13, 2010

And now introducing a new voice in this hymn to Eric Stoltz ... website ... fan universe ... whatever: Abby’s first post! Have fun!

The entire Caprica cast, including Eric Stoltz, took their turn at the TCA Press Tour in L.A. on Sunday the 10th. The panel received good coverage - here's what I've found so far:
Photos on Getty Images (
More here at Seat42F (
Audio of the panel interview (
There's more out there and more coming, as buzz and hype for the show is definitely picking up. Enjoy the ride, I know I am!

Note: Sorry! No RSS at the moment. Have to get this fixed, I know!

January 3, 2010

Changes show their shadows. Caprica is to start in a few weeks and new trailers are online. And this site is to be relaunched in a few weeks. I am working on this, have been on this for a few weeks now and still can say that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train heading in my direction but the process of outforming what this is to become. Being of the mind that design follows function, I still work on the possibilities and options the php-based cms stuff offers me and in the end us and what I have to do to make this safe -- for all users.

Abby is on board. Ysa (yes, THE Ysabella, former maintainer of ‘all things Eric Stoltz’) will join us and I hope for some of the other Jellies (GD Fan, Susan, Sprouty and Chris) to add their findings as well.

So, if I stay silent for a few more days, don’t worry too much. There is not much Eric Stoltz related going on. The official site was online for a few days. The content was hidden though. Sarah sent me the hint and until I got back online, it was gone again. I just could do the Dobby for not saving the filmography. There were a few projects I missed.

And indeed, we are looking forward to a Happy New Year. Being a leading actor of a cult series (this one is born with an already existing fandom *grin*), he won’t be able to stay that much under cover. More photos ... hopefully. Btw. saw the gallery of the official site, too and there were some good photos which I haven’t seen before.

If you have any ideas or input or just want to drop a line (or two), you can send me emails: leethana [a] yahoo dot de

Okay, have fun, keep smiling! Life is good!

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