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Archives -- July & August 2004

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August 28, 2004    +++ Site Update +++

New Mask wallpaper online.

August 27, 2004    +++ News & Site Update +++

The Butterfly Effect got good reviews in Germany. I even found some new stills with Eric Stoltz I haven’t seen before. There is an official German site, but besides the few stills, there is not much on it.

For knowing that Mr. Stoltz birthday is coming up soon, I would like to create a birthday page with YOUR best wishes for him. I do not know, if he will read it *smile*, but it is worth a try. Send me you emails and please, send them until Fri. 09/24/2004. The addy is leethana(at) I will post a reminder a week before the notes are due.

Ysabella being offline and the calendar and new wallpapers are overdue, I will store the calendar on my site, until Ysabella will be able to take over again. Please, click here.

We crossed the 100,000 hits two days ago. THANK YOU!

August 24, 2004    +++ News Update +++

Good news for the German fans: Theatrical release for The Butterfly Effect is this Thursday (08/26/2004)! Just saw a spot on TV!

August 18, 2004    +++ News & Site Update +++

A new wallpaper is online.

Sorry for the break. My computer decided to take a time-out. I am glad that it is not just me, that it is about the three sites for Eric (
Lorbooks’, Ysabella’s and mine), so I know that you were not left alone out there in the Eric Stoltz universe *smile*

Mr. Stoltz is ‘on the road’ again. On the 15th was his last day at
Sly Fox and two days ago he was at the Lehr Curse (06/11/2008 editor’s note: link was broken, so, I removed it), which will be repeated in the beginning of October 2004 and he is heading for Williamstown (8/28) for the Jubilee performance. And there were some news updates on Ysbella’s, too.

Care for a teddy bear? Have a look at
Lorbooks *smile*

contact me, if you have any suggestions for improving this site or comments. I do not mind you telling me that this or that is wrong, is disliked, distasteful, bad English LOL

And a last note for today, the moving of the
Mask screen caps has caused some trouble, because google still offers the old link. I hope this problem to be solved by time.

August 11, 2004    +++ Site Update +++

A new wallpaper is online.

August 5, 2004   +++ News Update +++

Lorbooks and Ysabella have already posted those updates. I am a little bit late (due to the wonderful weather :-)

The Toronto International Film Festival is featuring Childstar.

I was asked for a link to a site with Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly stills:
here it is.

And there is a message board that seems to attract some more fans than mine *grin* it is on the
Eric Stoltz’ page. Have a look. You have to register before you are able to post.

Last but not least, this is
your favorite screen cap :) I will turn it into a wallpaper next week.

Have fun!

August 3, 2004   +++ Site Update +++

Once in a while I check the links and once more I found some broken ones. Please, send me a note, if you find one. I finished moving the screen caps around -- well -- at least I hope so.

July 30, 2004    +++ News Update +++

Just read this on Lorbooks: Eric Stoltz is heading for Williamstown once more. He will participate in the Williamstown Theatre Festival's 50th Anniversary Bash, Aug. 28, 2004.

July 26, 2004    +++ News Update +++

Eric Stoltz will leave ‘Sly Fox’. His last curtain will be Aug. 15, 2004, according to His part will be taken over by Bronson Pinchot, now playing Lawyer Craven. (

July 23, 2004    +++ News & Site Update +++

The Some Kind Of Wonderful screen caps are uploaded. I had to delete some (and moved them to the other server), so, if you miss one, tell me.

The cast of Sly Fox is changing. Mr. Dreyfuss will leave, but the show will go on, according to

July 22, 2004    +++ Site Update +++

The new calendar and wallpaper (August 2004) are on the way AND being inspired by a marvellous picture that Ysabella sent me, I already uploaded the September 2004, too.

Cheer up! Have fun! Be ready to jump! And never forget to laugh about yourself :-)

July 20, 2004    +++ News Update +++

Just got a note, telling me that Eric Stoltz will be one of the presenters of the The Lehr Curse: A Series of Comedic Lectures, starting August 16. (06/11/2008 editor’s note: link was broken, so, I removed it).

Coming soon, the August calendar and wallpaper.

Toodles *smile*

July 19, 2004    +++ Site Update +++

A message board is online (test run!). Please, contact me, if you want to get access.

July 18, 2004    +++ News & Site Update +++

News update on Lorbooks: Eric Stoltz is to direct an episode of Law & Order!

One more
wallpaper for you. It’s a Some Kind Of Wonderful one. I still have not finished taking screen caps from that one. Just made chapter 8 on the DVD and already have about 100 JPGs.

July 12, 2004    +++ News & Site Update +++

There are some pictures of Eric Stoltz’ recent appearance at the annual Broadway Barks event flooding through the web. So, have a look at and (update: link is broken 05-02-15). Just fill in Mr. Eric Stoltz’ name above captions and there you go.

Okay, let me see. Due to the fact that I lack webspace right now, I store some picture files on a different server. The first test page is
Anaconda and the screen caps linked to that page, so PLEASE, tell me, if it does not work. If there are no problems with that way of storing files, I will make some more changes soon.

Next DVD to be finished will be
Some Kind of Wonderful.

Ysabella and D. (I am not sure, if you mind me spelling out your name, so I hope that you know that I am talking about you :-) Hopefully, I will be able to return the favour!

July 8, 2004   +++ Site Update +++

I knew that this moment would come and it happend sooner as I thought. I used up my webspace and for that I had to delete some screen caps. I cannot afford to get more space right now, but I will try to use another server to store some files over there. But this is a future’s tune and right now I used up 25 MB of webspace, gee. My records say that there are about 1,300 files and about 400 pages (including the picture pages) online.

So, please,
tell me, if I deleted one of your faves screen caps.

July 7, 2004   +++ News & Site Update +++

The Butterfly Effect is now available. Its release date was yesterday.

I finished taking screen caps for ‘
Blackout Effect’. There are two more wallpapers (Rooster and Blackout Effect)

... and hiiiiii Sprouty and Aussie G/D! Rock the town!




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