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Archives November & December 2004

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December 29, 2004    +++ News Update +++

Eric Stoltz will be playing the part of Charles Lingbergh in May 2005, according to The woman at his side will be Kerry O’Malley (please, tell me, if the link does not work!), an young Irish actress. The name of the play is ‘Flight’ (by Garth Wingfield). What else? Location is not confirmed yet, most likely is the Lucille Lortel. Keep yourself updated here! (Melting Pot Theatre Company). Thanks Ysabella!

Happy New Year!

December 21, 2004    +++ News Update +++

When Zachery Beaver came to Town will open on January 21, 2005 in the following locations:
Salt Lake City UT, Abilene TX, Witchita KS and Tulsa OK.

Thanks Debbie McCray :-)

December 1, 2004   +++ Site Update +++

Last calendar sheet and calendar wallpaper. There were just 2 (!) votes for the project and being patient or not, Ysabella and I decided against it.

There will be other projects. Life is so strange and being a creative (*grin* and slightly chaotic) mind, I know that my fingers won’t rest for long.

Have a good time and enjoy the spirit of Christmas! Or whatever you celebrate around this time of the year!

November 21, 2004    +++ News & Site Update +++

Sorry, I was away for a while. There are hardly any Eric Stoltz news lately and I was busy like a bee.

The filming of ‘The Honeymooners’ is about to end. The team moved from Dublin to New York last month and I just got the info that it should be done in the middle of November. And Eric Stoltz is about to direct an Law and Order episode, but when and where, I could not find out. If you have details on that one, please, contact me (leethana[at]

The first few screen caps of
Don’t Look Back are online. More to come soon.

Last note for today: Due to the ‘overwhelming and obsessive’ downloads of the
calendar sheets and desktop calendars, we (Ysabella and I) think that this is something the world does not need. So, if you do not agree and think, you need this service, WRITE US and if there are enough asking for this, we love to go on with creating the wallpapers and calendar sheets. From now on there will be new wallpapers once in a while, but not on a regular basis.

November 4, 2004   +++ News Update +++

Details on the opening of Happy Hour in Los Angeles November 5, 2004:

AMC Burbank Media 8
201 E. Magnolia Blvd., #345
Burbank, CA 91501
(310) 289-4AMC

Thanks Josh Plaza from Carmichael Films!





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