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December 23, 2005 



December 8, 2005   +++ News Update +++

Three new interviews are online: (thanks
Ysabella!) (06-01-05 editor’s note: article is gone. Please, visit Ysabella’s site for reading the interview)
Sci Fi Wire

Do not forget to download the Eric Stoltz calendar 2006!

December 2, 2005   +++ News & Site Update +++

Eric Stoltz was on the narrative nominating committee of this year’s Independent Spirit Awards. Read more info here. (

There are
new photos (The Triangle premiere) on

And there is a new piece of
fanart from Sarah online.

Last not least, the second version of the Eric Stoltz Calendar 2006 (DIN A4 - 29,7 x 21 cm) is finally online.

November 27, 2005  +++ News & Site Update +++

The Eric Stoltz Calendar 2006 will go online tomorrow! A teaser is here (low resolution). At the moment there are two sizes (5.5” by 8” and DIN A4) with a reduced resolution of 144 dpi available, due to the file size that 13 pages add up to. If you require a higher resolution (300 dpi) or a different size, tell me!

This year the sheets are in CMYK, NOT in RGB, so they are not viewable with a browser. I think about an additional RGB-version, which means adjusting it and creating wallpaper calendars and monthly sheets (once more). But I am not sure yet. We’ll see what time brings.

There is a news about ‘The Triangle’ was to be “SCI FI's First On Demand Offering”. Read the press release on the
official “The Triangle” site or this article ( (06/11/2008 editor’s note: link was broken, so, I removed it). for more info. Quote: “For the first time ever, NBC Universal Cable (NBCU Cable) will premiere two special supplements to SCI FI Channel's highly anticipated original miniseries, 'The Triangle,' available free on-demand and broadband Nov. 23, prior to their network premieres.” I know, I am too late, due to an exam last week. For not knowing, whether this is an ongoing ‘on-demand’ service or not, visit the NBCU Cable site and have a look yourself!

Last not least, there is a new section added to this site. Sarah sent me a collage of Eric Stoltz picture and I hope that I will receive more of those fan art stuff. And if I do so, there will be a special gallery for those pictures. At the moment it has to share the page with the
Calendars and Wallpapers.

Keep smiling!

November 13, 2005  +++ Site Update(s) +++

Sometimes I feel like being a beginner in this website maintaining thing. Not even making use of a profound source like Lorbooks’ filmlist, I missed another Eric Stoltz project. So, there are three titles added to the filmography of this site: The Lather Effect (2005), Downstream (2005). Have a look here ( and here ( for more info.

A big huge woooohooo to Anneke once more! She sent me about 60 screen caps of
Murder of Crows and the two Will & Grace eps! Some of the motifs are very good and will be used in the next calendar 2006, which I hope to get online by the middle of December ... this year! Knowing my tight schedule, this is a very ambitious time frame *smile* If you are interested in getting the file for printing it yourself, send me an email and you will be one of the first ones to get the link as soon as it is online! They are for free!

November 10, 2005  +++ News Update +++

We know that Eric Stoltz is a hard working and busy man, but usually we do not know what he is busy with. Ysabella has found another movie he had participated in: Downstream. Looks a bit like a short. The band Killola has some screen caps on its site, so have a look here (

According to an article (, McReele is to be recorded for future radio broadcast.

November 8, 2005   +++ News Update +++

New movie project: The Lather Effect. More info (on, please click here. Some more details here (William Mapother Online). (06/11/2008 editor’s note: link was broken, so, I removed it).

And another DVD release: Our Town!

November 6, 2005   +++ News Update +++

There are some DVD releases: The New Kids, The Fly 2, The Honeymooners (Nov. 22) and last not least: Once & Again season 3 (Jan. 2006).

The staged reading of ‘McReele’ at the Skirball Cultural Center in LA will start this coming Wednesday (Nov. 9) at 8:00 pm. Tickets and other dates available

The SciFi Triangle site has been updated and there are some good features (at least if you are surfing with a high speed connection *sigh*).

For more updates, please, visit
Ysabella’s site.






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News update, calendar online
Calendar 2006 is up (hopefully).
Site updates,
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