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Happy Birthday , Eric Stoltz!B-day messages

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October 28, 2005   +++ Site Update +++

I am still here :) Just a busy life outside the web right now is keeping me from updating the site more regularly. This won’t change my effort to give you -- fellow Eric Stoltz fans, visitors by accident AND those hundreds of TV addicted who just want to learn more about ‘Mask’ and what the guy behind it looks like in real life *smile* -- as much as possible of my nowadays so precious spare time.

A big huge WOOOOOHOOOOO to Anneke! Thank you for letting me know that I have uploaded a wrong cover (it’s gone). I always appreciate being told when I have done wrong and living after the motto: it does not exist if it is not communicated, I love to read your notes, your thoughts, exchange ways of solving the little riddle we call life :)

Have fun! I do *smile* leethana

October 16, 2005   +++ News Update +++

So, it seems that he’s married! Have a look at the Eric Stoltz message board. (You have to log in to see the posts.) Congratulations Eric Stoltz and Bernadette Moley!

Eric Stoltz has not been scheduled for the LATW play ‘The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial’ yet.

PS: Just purchased a copy of ‘Murder of Crows’ and guess what: I won’t be able to take screen caps of it, because it won’t let me! Oh well.

October 3, 2005  +++ Site Update +++

There are some new Rob Roy screen caps online.

September 30, 2005   +++ News Update +++

Happy Birthday, Eric Stoltz!

So Eric Stoltz was not in the Will & Grace episode. I was mislead by the articles on the season premiere and going live and such stuff. SORRY for that! As soon as there is reliable news, I will post it!

September 24, 2005   +++ News & Site Update +++

First few birthday messages are online (click here). More to come ... hopefully *smile*

There are two new articles on Eric Stoltz latest LATW projects ( Have a look here (The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial Tour) and here (LATW Season 05-06).

Do not forget to set your VCRs! Will & Grace season’s premiere is scheduled for Sept. 29, 2005. There will be a live video stream. More details here ( (06/11/2008 editor’s note: link was broken, so, I removed it).

September 22, 2005   +++ News Update +++

Ysabella once more: Eric Stoltz has a new LATW play, McReele starting November 9, 2005 at 8 p.m. There are two additional performances on November 12, 2005 at 3 p.m. and November 13, 2005 at 4 p.m.

September 21, 2005   +++ News Update +++

Ysabella has digged up another festival at which ‘The Bulls’ was shown last week (or this week?) Have a look yourself here. (

Mr Eric Stoltz’ birthday is just nine days away! Forgot to send your birthday greetings? No problem :) just mail me!

September 13, 2005   +++ Site Update +++

Updates on the project ‘The Bulls’: Eric Stoltz has been the executive producer and director of this short movie. A screening took place at the Wine Country Film Festival. No pictures, just this info:


DIR Eric Stoltz
CAST Rod McLachlan, Chris Pine

An act of revenge is barely acknowledged by a young  man and his surrogate father as they set about burying the evidence of their crime.

September 9, 2005  +++ News Update +++

Article on filming ‘The Trianglehere (

Right off the
official ‘The Triangle’ site, seems like the main job is done. There are a few pictures in the gallery and some background info. Promising, really promising :)

And last for today: Send me your birthday greetings for Eric Stoltz! (Last year’s b-day page is
here.) If you have the link to my Gallery 2005, feel free to choose a motif :) If not, you have to rely on me to choose a proper one *grin*

August 28, 2005  +++ News Update +++

New LATW project for Eric Stoltz! The Caine Mutiny is to be recorded in the 06-07 season. For more information, please click here (

August 27, 2005  +++ News Update +++

First The Triangle picture is online! It’s from a article. Still the has not stated a date for the show yet.

It is quiet out there :) and if you have any updates, news or anything else that you want me to know, please
contact me!

August 7, 2005   +++ News Update +++

A few words by Eric Stoltz himself.

Quote: (...) Eric Stoltz, a "Triangle" star, put that in stronger words. "Things are awful," he says. "The world is a disaster, so it's nice to be able to lose yourself in a fun story about things that are beyond our comprehension." (...)
(From ‘Pure Fantasy’ by Mike Hughes -- Gannett News Service 08/06/2005)

There is not much more going on, just some updates on






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