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July 23, 2005  +++ News Update +++

The news is spreading. Many different online magazines have picked up the story of ‘Will & Grace to go live’. Here for example. Looks like there will be two different shows, one for the East and one for the West. Lucky those, who live in the middle ;-)

The Once & Again message board linked to
Lorbooks will be closed tomorrow, therefore I would like to offer this one.It’s a try. If it works, we’ll keep it.

July 22, 2005  +++ News Update +++

Update on Will & Grace! There will be a live broadcasting on Sept. 29 (8:30 p.m. on NBC) and Eric Stoltz will be playing Mr hotel-&-former-lover Tom once again. (Source: and Ysabella!)

July 17, 2005  +++ News Update +++

Ysabella has some updated on her site. First one: Eric Stoltz has signed for a new LATW project beginning this October.

Second one: There are new articles about ‘The Triangle’ flooding online. Found one here and here. (06/11/2008 editor’s note: both articles are gone)

Still there is no news whether he will be in the next season of Will & Grace or not. We keep you updated!

Last not least, a shout-out to the Jellicos! Help yourself to another chocolate gold coin! (Second thought: I go for a chocolate frog this weekend! ;-)

July 3, 2005   +++ Site Update +++

I feel like Christmas right in the middle of the Summer. Adora sent me some House of Mirth screen caps and I couldn’t resist bringing them online right away. (Thanks Adora!) Bad me should be studying for the test tomorrow.

Private note: I am two months away from an important exam and this might keep me from updating the site regularly. Please, visit
Lorbooks’ site (G/D Fan installed a new message board for Once and Again fans and Eric Stoltz’ fans got their own section!) Goooo Dimi gooooo! And of course I do not forget to mention Ysabella’s marvelous site. There is a new article online.

June 22, 2005  +++ News Update +++

Here is an Eric Stoltz photo attending the Canine Cocktail Party 2005.

Noch mal mit Gefuehl (Once & Again) is already in the re-run on Vox in Germany. Missed the Mr Dimitri episodes? Have a look
here to keep track ( For more info on the series, please visit Lorbooks’ wonderful O&A site.

June 15, 2005  +++ News Update +++

Missed Eric Stoltz’ eps of Will & Grace? Re-run on June 30 8pm (NBC Network). (Thanks Sandra!)

According to the message board of The Triangle, he is filming in Cape Town right now.

June 2, 2005   +++ News Update +++

New project
for Eric Stoltz: The Triangle, produced by Mr Bryan ‘X-Men’ Singer himself. More details here. Mr. Stoltz will play a reporter. And have a look here. (Thanks Ysa!)

May 31, 2005   +++ News Update +++

The Honeymooners Premiere
is on June 8 at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood. Details here. (Thanks Jules!)

Today’s topic: Who’s your life’s master?

May 25, 2005   +++ News Update +++

New Eric Stoltz’ photos on Try this link. (Thanks Ysa!)

May 16, 2005   +++ News Update +++

For the German Eric Stoltz fans: Starting on the 26th, the Once & Again (Noch mal mit Gefühl) episodes with Mr. Dimitri will be broadcasted on VOX (13.10 - 14.05)! Get your VCRs ready! Source: Prisma Online

May 9, 2005  +++ News Update +++

Once again air times have changed for the Will & Grace season finale. Now there will be a double feature on May 19! Have a look here (





News update.
Message board re-activated.
News update
News update
17 new House of Mirth screencaps (Thanks Adora!)
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News update
News update
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News update
News update
Stills added
(Honeymoners, 2 Days in the Valley)
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