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Archives March & April 2005

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April 30, 2005   +++ News Update +++

Air times update for Will & Grace! Got this from Ysabella’s wonderful news page: May 19th & 26th.

April 15, 2005   +++ News Update +++

Air times for the two-part season finale (and possible series finale!) of Will & Grace 7.23 on May 12 and 7.24 on May 19. For not being able to check (I am sure that there is a reason why we just get German tv magazines over here ;-) there might be a double feature on May 19, but it doesn’t look like. Click here.

April 14, 2005   +++ News Update +++

Last night’s Law & Order episode Tombstone was directed by Eric Stoltz. We knew that he was suppose to direct one, but we did not know, which one it was. So, I am a bit too late.

What would I do without
Ysabella? *smile*

For the Will & Grace two-part Season finale (7.23), approximately (!) it should be airing May 12, 2005. Keep yourself updated here (NBC Will & Grace). (06/11/2008 editor’s note: link was broken, so, I removed it).

April 1, 2005  +++ News Update +++

‘Character Studies’
premieres on LA’s KCET April 3. Ysabella posted the air times on her news page. WNET (NYC) has kept April 6 for the first episode of this series.

March 24, 2005   +++ News Update +++

So Mr. Eric Stoltz signed for the two-part season final of Will & Grace! (Thanks Ysa)

And I read somewhere that the official
Honeymooner’s site got updated. (Having some minor computer problems *cough* I cannot load the new trailer to check this. Wonderful Easter present...)

Last but not least: coming up my two years anniversary! Just one week to go!

March 10, 2005   +++ Site & News Update +++

Just got a news update (thanks Linda!): Eric Stoltz will host a PBS’ "Character Studies" Series according to
Read article
here. The series has its own website, so there you go.

At the bottom of the index page is stated that there are three rotating hosts (Eli Wallach, Eric Stoltz and Phylicia Rashad), so Mr. Stoltz won’t be in every episode. But he will be in the
first one.

Few hours later: Just added an eCard service.
Tell me, how you like it :-)

March 7, 2005  +++ Site Update +++

I updated the filmography and added two more filmo subs (Honeymooners and Childstar). There is a new wallpaper.





News update
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News Update
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News update & eCards
Site updates:
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