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Happy New Year!!!


February 25, 2005  +++ Site Update +++

Still there is no news about Mr. Stoltz’ whereabouts, just two not confirmed sighting in New York and Ireland, both n.t. (not testified). If you have any news about what Eric Stoltz is up to, write me!

And for the section ‘found and no idea, where to store this piece of information’, he took part in the Irish Repertory Theatre's 7th annual Broadway Benefit back in June 2000 (
Song of the Century).

February 17, 2005  +++ News Update +++

Eric Stoltz will not play the leading part of Lindbergh in ‘Flight’. Thanks Stargirl for the post in my guest book!

February 10, 2005  +++ Site Update +++

Done this, been there... and back again. At least for a short while :-) Missed me?

So, today’s update: the
Fluke filmo sub got 15 screen caps.

The Eric Stoltz Calendar 2005 is still available!
Contact me for the link. And you can have a look at the calendar BEFORE you download the zip (about 4100 KB or so). And for being a bit paranoid when it comes to computers, viruses and being online, the files are Norton Internet Security 2004 checked.

January 27, 2005   +++ News Update +++

Just got the note that I forgot to mention the Sundance Festival 2005 this year. So, Sundance Festival takes place January 20-30, 2005.

And there are two links I would like to add:
Honeymooners -- Official Site
Childstar -- Official Site
I know, they are already on Ysabella’s marvellous News Page, but there is not much to post lately.

January 14, 2005   +++ News Update +++

Release date for the Honeymooners is March 11, 2005. There is a trailer here. (06/11/2008 editor’s note: link was broken, so, I removed it).

January 07, 2005   +++ Site Update +++

Happy New Year!

If you are interested in the
Eric Stoltz Calendar 2005, please, send me a note and I will send you the link to the printout version (5.5 x 8 inch, 13 sheets, about 4 MB). I do not think that there will be a desktop wallpaper version this year.

There will be some changes here soon. I have to (re-)move some files, because this is borrowed webspace and now I have to give it back. So, if some links are broken, please, tell me (not that anyone besides my dearly loved Jellicos has ever done so *smile* now YOU get a chance to
surprise me!).

Thanks for signing my
Guest Book. I appreciate the constant support and hey, this site is for you! I do my best to keep you updated!

For the new project ‘Flight’ in May 2005 (Off-Broadway), I just want to remind you, to have an eye on
this site. More details to come soon.

I added some more screen caps to the
Don’t Look Back page. Finally, I made it, Chris! Thank you!

Last but not least, I updated the credits (
filmography and theatre projects). A big ‘thank you’ to Ysabella *smile*





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News Update
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