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December 10, 2009 +++ New Update +++

A few updates! It was the Lola Wlodkowski Nip/Tuck ep., not the Alexis Stone one. Thanks Ysa! I will update that today!
And I got a promo link for a new Susan Miller project. Why? Because it is Eric Stoltz who is doing the promo thingy! So, have a look here ( Worth a look !!!
The official Eric Stoltz site is still on retreat. (link removed, 01/29/2012)

December 2, 2009 +++ New Update +++

No, Eric Stoltz did not direct the Nip & Tuck ep “Alexis Stone”. I am sure that I read this piece of info last year. And not just only once. Okay. Ticked off the list.

Another project from the past popped up again: Fortunates Sons. As soon as there is something to post, I will do so. It is a Mockingbird Pictures production btw.

Abby digged up an interesting vid link from the Caprica panel and I promised to post them weeks ago. One is here: Spoilertv ( 

(editor’s note: new link for the Caprica panel ( leethana 2012-05-24)

November 8, 2009 +++ Site & News Updates +++

Two Eric Stoltz’ sites are down. Goodbye to Ysabella’s wonderful collection of Eric Stoltz interviews and farewell to G/D fan’s & Sprouty’s hilarious chaotic and informativ website ... sort of website. It was a whole Eric Stoltz universe and I will miss it. Therefore I updated my link site.

Okay, we have some new pieces of info out there:
Caprica - the series on Wikipedia

And I still owe you the set visit reports: ... whoever that is. Eric Stoltz states that working on the Caprica set reminds him of independent film. Many comments of him in that one.

And this one ( is an interview with Esai Morales. Quote: On Eric Stoltz: “I’m still getting to know him,” Morales said. “He’s very private.” Man, we can tell!

And Abby sent me the link to a new Caprica trailer. And I cannot find it at the moment. Gee ... ha! Here it is! (

RSS is back online! Sorry for that! I forgot to upload the file again. Please, let me know when the site is down or something else is not working as it should. Thanks!

October 16, 2009 +++ Site Update +++

Site was down for about 48 hours, because of a webhoster change.

October 14, 2009 +++ News Update +++

No, silence is not golden, at least not when you are supposed to update a site regularly. Sorry for that! I am here, just busy working. Outside thingy so to say.

First things first: No, Caprica was not cancelled. Baseless rumor.

Eric Stoltz. He is still filming Caprica and there was a press panel last week. Few good articles out there. Here are some links:
Deadbolt News (article)
Deamon’s TV (Caprica posters ... nice!)
Cinema Spy (set tour report)

Keep running! Have a great day!

PS: rss feed update has to wait till later.

September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Eric Stoltz!

September 29, 2009 +++ News Updates +++

New drawing by Abby online here. Birthday present for Eric Stoltz that is!

The Wolphin Issue 9 is now listed. Check details here (

The release date of Fort McCoy was postponed. It says now 2010. No further details at the moment. 

September 13, 2009 +++ News Updates +++

Another official site update: now he thinks about entering ...

Sparks on DVD: Wolphin Issue 9 includes the 24 minutes long short movie. Details here ( No idea where to purchase it at the moment. It is not listed yet.

No updates on the release of Fort McCoy. No photos or reviews online yet.

September 2, 2009 +++ News Updates +++

New photo on the official Eric Stoltz site (link removed, 01/29/2012) and it says ‘ENTER’ now. Well, let’s see when there is something to enter. Thanks, Abby!

August 14, 2009 +++ News & Site Updates +++

Paddyville link updated.

Small change on the future official Eric Stoltz site (link removed, 01/29/2012): The watermarked photo is gone. Good sign? The hired website designer is Garlic D’zign.

Not many updates on Caprica. Filming in Vancouver they do. In the studios and outside. Just a little behind the scenes tidbit here ( There are a few additions to the cast though, but I haven’t decided yet, whether I will become a Caprica site or not. I am considering it. There are a few dedicated fans out there who do a good job though:

13th Colony (also on Facebook)
Caprica TV

If you have additions to the list, send me the link!
leethana [a] yahoo dot de ... without the blanks of course.

Official SyFy Caprica site

Private note: Jap, got it.

August 8, 2009 +++ News Updates +++

John Hughes, producer and writer of Some Kind Of Wonderful, died at the age of 59 last Friday.

July 25, 2009 +++ News Updates +++

SyFy (former scifi) press release: Caprica is scheduled for Jan. 22, 2010 at 9 PM now. Series will air on Fridays at 10 PM.

Read more here (

July 6, 2009 +++ News Updates +++

More or less rumors, bit of facts and an honest ‘I have no idea whether this is true or not’ in one piece of info: Caprica will start filming on July 15th in Vancouver (Vancouver Film Studios & British Columbia, Canada). There are no official statements and I was not able to find out whether Eric Stoltz is still on the project or not, but my guess: he is.

One piece of that puzzle here (, the other part is here (E!Online). It is not the latest bit of news, but we take what we get at the moment. The name of ep 1.02 is Rebirth and it looks like 22 eps will be filmed within the next 8 months.

There is also a promo panel for Caprica on the San Diego Comic Con. But the con is already sold out. Have a look here (Chicago Tribune). It just says ‘cast and creators’. Wrap-up for 1.02 is planned for the 23rd, so this panel on the 24th might hold some surprises for us. If you are planning to go there, please, send me photos!

Have a great day! I do for sure!

July 01, 2009 +++ Poll Results +++

Have a look here.

June 20, 2009 +++ finding of the day +++

Finding of the day: Hello promotion site. It also features some stills.

No real updates. Just private ones: Been to a Faith No More concert and it was -- besides unbelievable loud -- the best FNM I have seen so far.

May 27, 2009

No, it is not me that there are no updates. There is simply nothing Eric Stoltz related to write about at the moment. Well, besides gossip of course and as a regular visitor you might know that I am not going to post that here. Still here. Still surfing. Site is still active. Filmo page got updated though. Added the latest acting and directing jobs. And the future official Eric Stoltz site is still empty. No updates on Paddyville and Howl is still postponed. No new LATW play to come and no rumors about ... well, anything job related. We NEED that official site!

No news? Let’s make some! New poll out! What should be on the official Eric Stoltz site? Take part here. Vote will be open until June 30, 2009 my noon.

April 30, 2009 +++ News Update +++

Videos out! It is worth to check for the Paley Fest 09 / Caprica event (search for ‘Paley Eric Stoltz’) and MSN has an Eric Stoltz interview on Private Practice. That is Hope that the link works! Thanks Amy and Abby!

April 25, 2009 +++ News Update +++

DVD is out. Saw some of the pilot and simply loved it. Promising!

New domain with an official Eric Stoltz site is listed, but no content yet: (link removed, 01/29/2012) (thanks Abby!)

There were quite a few articles on different Eric Stoltz projects lately. Most notable is the Clint Morris one on why First Howl was postponed (, article here).

Lots on Caprica of course, but I do not believe in reading reviews as long as they are not on my projects ;) Some great shots from the Caprica release press conference ... whatever ... well, have a look here ( and once again thanks Abby for that update!

March 1, 2009 +++ News Update +++

One official update: The Caprica DVD release took place last week. New Caprica photos online.

One inofficial update, no secondary source to back this up yet, but it looks like Eric Stoltz directed another Grey’s Anatomy and at least one Private Practice ep.

And he is not listed on for Come Back to Sorrento anymore. I will have an extra open eye on that one to find out whether he is in it or not. And does anyone know what happened to the Paddyville project?

And one last word on the latest research on Eric Stoltz, how is one to find out whether an information is based on facts or just a sheer meander of the www? For scanning the net for news for years now, it becomes more and more difficult to find realiable sources, because the chance that the news is copied and spread without being true has risen. Plus that things change.

January 25, 2009 +++ News Update +++

Bad news: Eric Stoltz is not listed for the LATW The Play’s the Thing project ‘Betrayed’ anymore. For those who have planned to go there, I feel with you!

Personal note: I got hired. Good for my real life me, bad for my online me. I do my best to update the site AT LEAST once a week, if there is news. So, keep sending me notes and updates, have fun and I hope, you have enjoyed the Grey’s Anatomy eps as much as I did! And, don’t forget to smile!

January 10, 2009 +++ News Update +++

More directing jobs for Eric Stoltz. According to an interview for, he got hired for Nip/Tuck and Private Practice. Have a look here ( Thanks Ysa!

January 8, 2009 +++ News Update +++

Three eps of Grey’s Anatomy with Eric Stoltz starting today and according to an article, he is filming First Howl at the moment. Clint Morris also stated that Eric Stoltz won’t be in Tintin. Got that piece of info from, but lately it seems to have become less reliable. Whole article here.

New Eric Stoltz interview online (on Grey’s Anatomy) here ( For dates and stations, please, have a look here ( Eric Stoltz TV listings).

Sorry, I am in a bit of a hurry! Stay tuned! Have fun! Take care!

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