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A Murder Of Crows (1998) Trailer1, Trailer2
A work of deadly fiction.

Directed by
Rowdy Herrington

Produced by
Ashok Amritraj
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Elie Samaha

Written by
Rowdy Herrington

Runtime 88 min

The lawyer Lawson Russell submits under his own name a mystery novel manuscript written by a man he thinks is dead. When it's learned that the book's killings are real unsolved cases, Russell becomes the prime suspect and must uncover the truth behind the murders.

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Cuba Gooding Jr.
Tom Berenger
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Eric Stoltz
Mark Pellegrino
Ashley Laurence
Carmen Argenziano
Doug Wert
Nate Adams
Jeremiah Black
Derek Broes
Adrian Colon
Gaelle Comparat
Tara Crespo
Anastasia Drake

Lawson Russell
Clifford Dubose
Elizabeth Pope
Thurman Parks III
Andrew Corvus
Janine DeVrie
Judge Banning
Billy Ray
Agent Manning
Thurman's Girl
Young Woman

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Locations Florida, USA / Los Angeles, California, USA / New Orleans, Louisiana, USA