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There are more, but somehow the info on the plays are not very long online and I missed to copy them...


The Blood of Strangers (BBC Production)

Directed by Kate McCall
Written by Frank Huyler

Broadcasted on Saturday 28 September, 2002

The cowboy always having heart attacks; the girl draining the blood bank; the colleague with a serious drug habit - welcome to the fragmented, fast-paced world of Doctor Joe ‘Babyface’ Reinert, the new Junior Resident in the Emergency Room.

Frank Huyler’s graphic and powerful story draws on his real-life experience as an emergency physician in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This compelling, highly atmospheric version for radio was recorded on location in Los Angeles.

Starring Eric Stoltz as Doctor Joe, with Shannon Cochran as Rosa and Henry Darrow as Mr. Santana.
The music was specially composed and played by Will Gregory and Adrian Utley.